New Dimensions Resources

Jenny Stockbridge 12 August, 2021

New Dimensions Resources

Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing is a free, online tool providing self-care information to support people in Coventry and Warwickshire. Self-care information is tailored to a person’s own needs and the challenges they face and is available 24/7.

We have spent the last year updating and refreshing the content and the look of our resources following feedback from those who have used Dimensions.

The most exciting update is an all new Adult Mental Health versions of Dimensions, which has been completely redesigned and can provide an overview of someone’s health and wellbeing and signpost them to a wealth of resources locally, nationally, using different media such as apps, videos, podcasts and books.

Click here to Use Dimensions

Click here to view how how Dimensions can support you.

Click below to access the NEW Dimensions rebranding materials.

Public Leaflet

GPs Leaflet

Professionals Leaflet

Dimensions Poster

If you have any feedback on the tool, please let us know.

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