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Dimensions of Health and Well-being is a framework which allows all people and professionals in Coventry and Warwickshire to have the same information about the support available to develop a young person’s well-being and mental health. Known locally as Dimensions, this tool helps in two ways: providing information about what support is available in our area; and developing the use of a shared language to think and talk to each other about young person's well-being. Dimensions provides a different way to think about a young person’s mental health and the factors which affect it, rather than thinking in terms of a mental health diagnosis. It includes resilience and supportive factors and takes account of the context around that young person. The Dimensions model comes from a blend of theoretical models from occupational therapy, psychology, psychiatry and social work.

Dimensions helps young people, parents, carers, referrers and professionals to find out what could be offered to help with their particular difficulties, using a shared database of local interventions. The database includes interventions across the services for young people, inside and outside the NHS, including those available through charities, support groups and the local authority. This demonstrates the continuum of provision for well-being, with specialist mental health services being needed for only the more severe difficulties.

Heather Moran & Gemma CartwrightThe Dimensions app has been developed in consultation with carers, service users, referrers, local services, clinicians and the CWPT Trust. The Dimensions concept was designed by Gemma Cartwright, Service Manager for the Neurodevelopmental Service, and Heather Moran, Consultant Child Clinical Psychologist in the same service. The app was developed in conjunction with CWPT IT Collaborative, led by Daniel Kinney, Senior Application & Web Developer, at CWPT IT Collaborative.

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