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Click the links for a list of the Dimensions and for infographic instructions for the public, for professionals and for GPs. To register as a professional or GP user, send an email  from your professional address to asking for a Dimensions username.

Dimensions is an information tool that can be used by an individual or a parent/carer to understand a person's strengths and challenges. It is easy to use and no training is needed to make a Dimensions rating - go to the Rate Dimensions page to get started.

After the Dimensions have been rated a report will be available to save or print. The report will provide four charts to represent the ratings given and 'self care' flyers. These flyers will be prioritised, with the highest rated Dimensions appearing first below each of the charts. It is recommended that people completing Dimensions for themselves or their children have a discussion with a professional if there are a number of orange and red ratings on the charts.

The Dimensions tool can also be used by professionals who can request to be a registered user. This will provide access to additional information to help them determine if a referral to health services is required. The flyers for these will be in the professional's report so that people can understand what an appointment for an assessment or intervention will be like. It is the aim to have these available to individuals and parents/carers in the future.

The next phase in the development of the Dimensions tool is to provide information about services outside the NHS to help people to find resources available to them in their community. We are working on a way for registered professionals to store the data from their ratings.  This will help them to plan and develop their own services.