Dimensions is an information tool that can be used by an individual or a parent/carer to understand a person's strengths and challenges. It is easy to use and no training is needed to make a Dimensions rating - go to the Rate Dimensions page to get started.

After the Dimensions have been rated a report will be available to save or print. The report will provide four charts to represent the ratings given and 'self care' flyers. These flyers will be prioritised, with the highest rated Dimensions appearing first below each of the charts. It is recommended that people completing Dimensions for themselves or their children have a discussion with a professional if there are a number of orange and red ratings on the charts.

The Dimensions tool can also be used by professionals who can request to be a registered user. This will provide access to additional information to help them determine if a referral to health services is required. The flyers for these will be in the professional's report so that people can understand what an appointment for an assessment or intervention will be like. It is the aim to have these available to individuals and parents/carers in the future.

The next phase in the development of the Dimensions tool is to provide information about services outside the NHS to help people to find resources available to them in their community. We are working on a way for registered professionals to store the data from their ratings.  This will help them to plan and develop their own services.

Interpreting Dimensions

What if I don’t know the answer to a question? Just skip to the next question by clicking NEXT.

What do the numbers on the scale mean? The numbers each have a description you will read when you make a rating. A rating of 0 is UNKNOWN, 1 is NORMAL, then the numbers represent increasing levels of difficulty from 2 (A LITTLE DIFFICULTY) up to 6 (VERY SIGNIFICANT DIFFICULTY).

Why doesn’t the wording completely fit the difficulties me or the person I am completing it for have? The wording aims to help people to understand the severity of difficulties. It will not always be a perfect match so you can select the description which is the closest one.

What do the charts and the colours mean? The charts provide a quick way to see the ratings, with colours attached to the rating number e.g. red indicates significant difficulty.

Using Dimensions

How do I know if I can become a registered user? You can be a registered user if you work for any organization with young people which is serving our area.

What do I do to become a registered user? Check with other people in your organization whether you already have a DIMENSIONS ADMINISTRATOR there. If so, they can add you as a user. If not, and it is agreed at your organization that you will be the administrator, then send an email from your work email address to child.dimensions@covwarkpt.nhs.uk .

How may registered users can my organization have? We recommend two, in case one is away, leaves or is ill. We do not add more than two per organisation.

How do I log in as an administrator? Scroll to the bottom of the Dimensions home page, select ADMIN. On the next page, select ADMIN on the right side of the page. You must log in through the admin route to see the portal for your organization.

How do I add other users for my organisation? You will only be able to do this as an administrator. Log in as an administrator (as above), then you will see where to add your users. You will give them a username (e.g. FirstnameSurname) and then they will get an email to set up their password. Remind them to save the ratings they make and send them to you so you can keep a record (you can use our downloadable spreadsheet which automatically provides a some simple analysis so you can report your summary easily).

Can I add parents or carers as new users for Dimensions?  No, parents and carers can only access the intervention and assessment flyers via a registered user. This is to make sure they do not get overwhelmed by the amount of information.

How can I get a reminder of my username?  Please email us on child.dimensions@covwarkpt.nhs.uk

What shall I do next?

What does a parent do with the Dimensions report? We suggest that you take it to school and discuss it with staff there. They can complete a rating themselves (if they have registered) and you can compare your views.  You can also take it to your GP or a health professional for discussion about your concerns. All registered professional users will also see any relevant referrals they could make for help for your child.

How can I store my organization's Dimensions ratings? There is a spreadsheet on Dimensions which can be downloaded from the Administrator's portal. The Administrator must be logged in as admin to see this portal.

What do registered users do about the assessment flyers which sometimes appear at the end of the report? You should consider the Dimensions report alongside all the information you have and decide whether you should discuss a referral for assessment with the parent/carer. This will require the usual referral forms but please send a copy of your Dimensions report with the referral because it will help us to direct the referral to the right part of the service.

Do the results from Dimensions help to prioritise appointments in services and give quicker access?  The Dimensions report helps us to understand the type and range of a  person's current difficulties. It is the understanding we have which will help us to decide on priority. We do not discriminate between those with and without a Dimensions report but the report will give helpful picture of the level of concern.

What do I do if I am worried about the content of the report? FOR A CHILD: Please follow the usual routes for raising concerns about a young person - discuss with your manager and agree an appropriate plan to support the young person. Discuss your concerns with parents/carers (with the young person's consent). Make a decision about referrals for support and make those referrals. FOR AN ADULT: Please discuss your concerns with your GP.

Does Dimensions replace clinical judgement and decision making? The Dimensions report assists decision making but it does not have more weight than any other part of the picture because it is a summary of everything else.

How can I store my organization's Dimensions ratings? There is a spreadsheet on Dimensions which can be downloaded from the Administrator's portal. The Administrator must be logged in as admin to see this portal.

How can I tell you about a service which would be appropriate to be on the child Dimensions? That is great and exactly what this project is all about. Please email the details you have to child.dimensions@covwarkpt.nhs.uk . Even if you only have an outline or a named contact there, that will help us to find out more.