Introducing the new accessible, all-age Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing tool.

Jenny Stockbridge 14 March, 2024

Why did we change the Dimensions?

Since developing the tool, the Dimensions Team has delivered an accessible version which expands the tool to meet the needs of our neurodiverse community, in addition to those looking for information and support for their mental health and wellbeing. The new version has been co-designed with input from clinicians, Voluntary Community Social Enterprise partners, and people with lived experience.

If you regularly use the Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing tool, we thought it would be helpful to explain why the changes have been made. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Changes to the Children and Young People Dimensions

Changes to the Adult Dimensions

What has changed?

We have updated the language used to reflect the current preferences of our neurodivergent community, such as using the term ‘difference with’ in place of ‘problems with’. Some of the Dimensions have been removed and some new ones added to ensure more focus is on how providing supportive environments can help neurodivergent people feel safe and secure to be themselves.

It is hoped that the tool will now be more accessible for everyone in terms of its simplified language and ratings, as well as being easier to navigate and use.

To see a list of the new Dimensions please click on one of the links below.

Children and Young People’s Dimensions List

Adult Dimensions List

Use the Dimensions tool

Please Use Dimensions today to create your own Dimensions profile to identify your strengths and support needs.  Then explore the support options available to you in the self-care flyers.

The Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing is a free online tool that provides information to support adults, children, and young people in Coventry and Warwickshire. You can rate yourself or another person using the Dimensions, to create a profile which can highlight a person’s areas of strength and areas where they may benefit from support. It provides trusted information about, local services, national support and resources such as videos, apps and books.

This short animation explains who can use the Dimensions tool and how it can support you.

What is the Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing?

Launch dates

Children and Young People’s version December 2023.

Adult version February 2024.

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